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Kosharnyy Valeriy Pavlovich, Doctor of philosophy, professor, head of sub-department of philosophy,
Penza State University (Penza, 40 Krasnaya str.),

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The subject of the article is consideration of the original, for its time, method of historic-philosophical analysis applied by the famous Russian philosopher E. V. de Roberti, and the results thereof. Due to the fact that philosophy is the product and the integral part of the social culture, it is included into the range of phenomena, studied by sociology and is considered as any other fact of social development. Parallel study of the history of special sciences and various form of philosophy is an important methodological purpose of any historical and methodological research. Substantiation of the sociological approach to the history of philosophy is an important contribution to the development of methodology of historical and philosophical research, as well as the discovery by the thinker of an empirical law of metaphysical systems occurrence and a general law of philosophy development. The author concludes that after raising an extremely important and interesting problem of methodology of historical and philosophical research, de Roberti remained within the limits of positivistic world outlook that impeded his consecutive realization of heuristic potential exsiting in the concept of the sociological approach.

Key words

philosophy evolution, law of three types of metaphysics, history of philosophy from sociological point of view, empirical law of metaphysical systems occurence, physical-chemical, organic and superorganic factors, anstract sociology, «pure theoretical knowledge».

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